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Sustainability is at the heart of Apsley Farms

Apsley Farms is featuring in this month’s Food and Drink Network Magazine, with a focus on sustainability.

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Our Sustainable farming methods are 100% waste free
Apsley Farms uses modern farming techniques and equipment to maximise efficiency while harvesting arable crops to feed into the digesters. With a carbon footprint of around one-fifth of ‘natural gas’, the biomethane production provides sustainable fuel to help meet the UK’s energy needs and climate targets.
By working within a circular economy, the team at Apsley Farms is proud of what has been achieved towards reducing our carbon footprint. But our ambitions go further still and we’re committed to making our operations completely carbon neutral, and closer towards achieving Net Zero.

Biomethane is a greener, more sustainable alternative to natural gas.
Apsley Farms is the UK’s third largest biomethane (renewable natural gas) plant, and we have been supplying renewable natural gas to the UK gas grid since 2014. The gas is manufactured in our biodigester facility, which breaks down plant material obtained from our own and neighbouring farms. Apsley Farms use a high-tech approach of extraction, using pressure to separate our CO2 from the biomethane.

We are producers of sustainable, certified food-grade CO2
The biogas plant has generated over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 in the last 8 years. Instead of releasing the natural product of anaerobic respiration directly to the atmosphere, we put it to work for the food industry.
This carbon dioxide by-product is sustainable, high-quality and certified food-grade, suitable for the food and beverage industries. We operate our own fleet of tankers to deliver bulk orders for a range of businesses including breweries and bakeries.

The CO2 production process
Every stage of the carbon dioxide production process at the Farm is grounded in sustainable and efficient practice:

  • Apsley Farms uses advanced farming techniques to reduce tillage, which in turn reduces CO2 release during the growing of crops for our biodigesters
  • Storage and transport of crops – including at our partner farms – are optimised for maximum efficiency, again lowering the carbon footprint of the raw materials
  • CO2 is produced through fermentation, an inherently low-energy process. This requires a fraction of the energy input of alternative methods, such as the industrial production of ammonia
  • Our relatively small energy requirements for CO2 production are met from our own fermentation processes. This is a green and highly efficient way of powering our operations
  • With an on-site automated laboratory, we test every batch to keep standards consistently high. We also provide CO2 testing facilities 24/7 with certification
  • There are storage facilities for 150 tonnes of CO2 on-site at Apsley Farms

For more information visit or phone 01264 554455

Sustainability is at the heart of Apsley Farms
Sustainability is at the heart of Apsley Farms
Products from the Farm include sustainable Biomethane gas and bulk food-grade certified CO2 gas.