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Our Farming Practices

Embracing high tech RTK satellite steering technology within our precisions farming operation.

Looking for a better way

Over the last three decades, we’ve been repeatedly asking one fundamental question:
Is there a better way?

Trying to answer that has been the main motivation behind everything we’ve done at the farm.
In particular, we’ve focused on the following areas:

Efficiency & sustainability

Rethinking our business model

Partnering with farmers

The requirement for change

UK farmers have faced incredible challenges in recent decades. Farming has never been an easy way to earn a living, but today’s farmers must contend with economic pressures, political interventions, an increasingly unstable climate and everchanging consumer trends.

Apsley Farms has faced the same challenges as most farms. To thrive and continually grow our business, we’ve been forced to adapt by evolving and changing our operational direction.

Facing the future - together

Surviving as a family business has meant many changes so far — and we’re not done yet. There’s no doubt that Apsley Farm’s business will continue to evolve.

Here at Apsley Farms we are always open to discussing future directions and partnerships. We offer a host of services from full farm contracting, complete estate management to one-off tenders. This could be an attractive option for landowners. Contact us if you would like to talk about any of these options.

We continue to evolve

Over the years, the Apsley team has built up considerable experience in modern and innovative farming practices. We have always been happy to share what we’ve learned with our partner farms and the wider farming community. Many UK farmers face the same sort of challenges we do, and the best way forward for all of us is to share new ideas, good practice, and expertise.

Please reach out to us via our website, email, or social media, and let’s start a conversation.

We don’t have all the answers, but we hope our own journey towards a more sustainable and efficient future may spark some ideas.