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Liquid CO2 – Carbon dioxide

Apsley Farms supplies high-grade, sustainably produced carbon dioxide that is indispensably used within the UK food industry. We currently accommodate bulk orders of between 1 and 20 tonnes using our in house lorry fleet. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

CO2 markets we supply

  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
    • Putting the ‘fizz’ into soft drinks and beers
    • Increasing shelf life for food products
    • Keeping food fresh in transport
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Water Treatment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Dry ice

To find out more about the sustainability of the process, please visit our sustainability page.

Apsley Farms is ISO accredited for sustainable CO2

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management System
The production, supply, transportation and delivery of carbon dioxide liquid.

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System
The production, supply, transportation and delivery of carbon dioxide liquid.

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The CO2 production process


Anaerobic digestion is the process driving the biogas plant. This is where bacteria break down organic plant matter without the presence of oxygen inside our biodigesters.

We only feed arable crops into our digesters. This means our outputs are 100% waste free.


Apsley Farms’  high-tech approach uses pressure to separate our CO2 from biomethane (renewable natural gas)


Since 2016 we have produced nearly 40,000 tonnes of food-grade liquid CO2. As of July 2022 we are selling directly to industries.

With an on-site automated laboratory we test every batch to keep standards consistently high.

There is storage for 150 tonnes of CO2 on-site at Apsley Farms.

Sustainable, food grade CO2

Specification Results
Purity CO2 >99.9 % 99.9 %
Moisture H20 <=20.0 ppm v/v 1.5 ppm v/v
Oxygen O2 <=20.0 ppm v/v 11.9 ppm v/v
Carbon Monoxide CO <=5.0 ppm v/v <0.5 ppm v/v
Total Volatile Hydrocarbons THC <=50.0 ppm v/v <4.0 ppm v/v
(as methane)
Total Non Methane TNM HC <=20.0 ppm v/v <4.0 ppm v/v
Nitric monoxide NO <=2.5 ppm v/v <0.5 ppm v/v
Nitric dioxide NO2 <=2.5 ppm v/v <0.5 ppm v/v
Ammonia NH3 <=2.5 ppm v/v <0.5 ppm v/v
Total sulphur as S TSC <=0.10 ppm v/v 0.04 ppm v/v
Acetaldehyde AA <=200.00 ppb v/v 83.78 ppb v/v
Methanol MeOH <=10,000 ppb v/v <1,000 ppb v/v
Ethanol C2H60 <=20,000 ppb v/v <1,000 ppb v/v
Benzene C6H6 <=20 ppb v/v 10 ppb v/v
Appearance in Water No colour or turbidity PASS
Odour in Water No off odour PASS
Taste in Water No off taste PASS
Odour of solid CO2 No off odour PASS
Appearance of solid CO2 No foreign appearance PASS
Oil Pass PASS

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Take delivery

We operate our own fleet of CO2 tankers and professional drivers to provide businesses with regular CO2 deliveries

Our CO2 output

All of the energy needed for the manufacture of CO2 is supplied by our own biodigestion process. This means that we are unaffected by fluctuations in energy prices and were able to keep supplying the UK during the commercial CO2 shortages in 2021.

Currently, our daily production is around 32 tons of CO2. With a purity of 99.99%, this is suitable for any use within the food industry.