We have a 1050 acre farming operation set in the middle of southern England, 40 minutes from the south coast and an hours drive south of Oxford. Up until 2011 we farmed arable crops of wheat, spring barley and oil seed rape in a tight rotation. Due to decreasing margins we decided to invest in a bio digester and farm for energy. We now produce 4 products: electricity, gas, fertiliser and CO2.

Our CO2 capture and liquidification plant which we added in November 2016 is in full production, producing food grade CO2, more information is available on the CO2 page.

Our biogas plant is 80% greener than fossil fuels, we produce 16mw of gas an hour that can supply gas to around 8,000 houses all year round.

We have just launched our home delivery service for our digestate which is the by-product of the crop once it has been through the digesters, its a great medium to be used by gardeners for different applications and has N,P,K to give the plant something to get going. Take a look at our Products page if your interested

We hope that you enjoy our website which tries to explain what we are doing, and how we are doing it. This website is under constant construction as we add our progress onto it.
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