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The by-product of our anaerobic digestion process, digestate is a valuable source of nutrients and a crucial component in our circular economy.

The digestate is spread on our own farm, as well as numerous other farms that supply our digesters with crop. This reduces the need for manufactured fertilisers, therefore lowering our crop establishment costs and also reducing the CO2 produced during this process. The environmental benefits have also been apparent since we started using our digestate, with a noticeable return of birds and other wildlife.

Healthy farm land in the UK helps to foster communities of microorganisms, which supports insect life and, therefore, provides food for mammals and birds.   By spreading our nutritious by-products back on our land, we’re not only reducing our carbon emissions, but also supporting our ecosystem.

We offer both solid and liquid digestate to farms – and can both deliver and spread the product for you

– solids which we can deliver in articulated lorries direct to the field, and can bring a loading shovel and tractor and spreader to site

– liquid we transport in our fleet of tankers and spread with an umbilical dribble bar.

Both have Soil Association approval for organic use.


  • Solid Digestate Laboratory Analysis
      Units Results Amounts per fresh tonne
    Oven Dry Matter % 27.1 271
    Total Nitrogen % w/w 2.32 6.29
    Ammonium Nitrogen mg/kg 8925 2.42
    Nitrate Nitrogen mg/kg <10 <0.01
    Total Phosphorus (P) % w/w 0.431 2.67
    Total Potassium (K) % w/w 2.25 7.32
    Total Magnesium (Mg) % w/w 0.235 1.06
    Total Sulphur (S) % w/w 0.224 1.52
    Total Copper (Cu) mg/kg 7.58 <0.01
    Total Zinc (Zn) mg/kg 52.8 0.01
    Total Sodium (Na) % w/w 0.035 0.13
    Total Calcium (Ca) mg/kg 6385 1.00
  • Liquid Digestate Laboratory Analysis
      Units Results Amounts per fresh tonne or m3
    Oven Dry Solids


    7.90 79.00
    Total Nitrogen

    % w/w

    0.64 6.40
    Ammonium Nitrogen mg/kg 2894 2.89
    Nitrate Nitrogen mg/kg <10 <0.01
    Total Phosphorus (P) mg/kg 878 2.01
    Total Potassium (K) mg/kg 6650 7.98
    Total Magnesium (Mg) mg/kg 337 0.56
    Total Sulphur (S) mg/kg 505 1.26
    Total Copper (Cu) mg/kg 2.14 <0.01
    Total Zinc (Zn) mg/kg


    Total Sodium (Na) mg/kg 78.7 0.11
    Total Calcium (Ca) mg/kg 1747 1.75
  • Soil Association Certification

    Licence number AL27287

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Some key benefits...

Free from synthetics, waste and plastic

We only feed crops to our digester, so thats all that comes out too!

Improves soil structure

On both heavy clays and sandy soils

Weed and seed free

The 150 day digestion process sterilizes any viable seed

Approved for organic use

Our digestate has Soil Association certification for use on organic farms and gardens

Reduces soil erosion and helps with moisture retention


Adds organic matter

Made from a mix of Anaerobically produced fibrous material