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Farming Partnerships

We form valued long-term partnerships with local farmers

Partnerships with Farmers

For a number of years, Apsley Farms has been working in successful partnerships with local farms. In practice, this means we can provide a reliable income stream to around 40 local farms by purchasing their break crops.

Break crops grown by our partners and here at Apsley Farms are used in our bio digester to produce sustainable biogas energy. During the biogas process we also capture CO2 which is used for the food industry and high-quality horticultural products.

Successful Partnerships

Successful partnerships need some specific criteria to make them work



Mutually beneficial




Please reach out to us via our website, email or social media and let’s start a conversation.

How our partnerships work

Contract to grow a standing crop

This is either Maize, Rye, Barley or Oats. The contract is based on an area and not a tonnage, with us taking all tonnage off that contracted area.
Crops are stored on site in Agbags and payment is divided over the following 10 months.

Contract Farming

This is where you are in charge. We provide the machinery and any expertise you may want so that we can farm the land your way.

Whether you want to grow for food or fuel, we give you more routes to market.


FBT (Farm business tenancy)

This is where you can leave it to us. We’ll take the hassle away from the daily issues that can come with owning land and operating machinery. You have the benefit of owning the land for either pleasure or business without any of the operational worries. With our team, we can look after the management of your land and estate as you wish.

Partnering with us

Our partnerships have been successful for many years in and around Hampshire, Wilshire and Berkshire. As such, we have a large number of partners who have been with us for some time. If you would like to know more about growing for us, or any other aspect of our farming operation, please contact our friendly team.

The benefits for partners

A second income stream

By supplying us with their break crops, partner farms have a reliable second income stream. What’s more, the price we pay is less affected by short-term changes in cash crop prices.

Improved cash flow

Apsley Farms make monthly advance payments for the crop, simplifying the cash flow for our partner farms.

Better soil quality

Incorporating a break crop improves soil integrity and quality. This also benefits the overall crop grown, contributing to a managed crop rotation.

Optimal efficiency

Our partner farms store the harvested break crops in Ag Bags which are strategically placed to ensure the crop being removed is achieved with minimum disturbance to the farmer.


We agree the price in advance for crops harvested. Our farmer partners can see exactly how much they have produced. It’s straightforward, transparent, and fair.


Fair prices

All crop removed from the Ag Bags and transported to Apsley Farms is weighed again, so that a balancing payment can be arranged comparing the weight from the field of the crop used.