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Ever since our plant began expanding, we have worked closely with neighbouring farmers to grow crops to feed our giant ‘concrete cow’. Each year we forage and use 100,000t of Maize, Rye, Barley and Oats.

Our partnerships have been successful for many years in and around Hampshire, Wilshire and Berkshire. As such, we have a large number of valued partners who grow for us year on year.

If you would like to know more about growing for us, please read the three options below or contact our friendly team.

our farming practices

Contract to grow a standing crop


This is either Maize, Rye, Barley or Oats.
We believe in complete transparency and set in advance both the price we pay for the crops and the area of the crop to harvest and guarantee to take all the crop produced from the committed area.

All the crop is harvested using our own equipment which is operated by dedicated and experienced staff.

Crops are then stored on farm in our ag bags until collection, when they are loaded directly into our in-house lorry fleet and transported back to our plant –  meaning there are no pressures for grain movement during harvest, no storage, haulage or drying costs and increased combine capacity for any other crops at the pinch point of harvest.

Payments are then made over 10 monthly installments, starting 6 weeks after harvest, with every load checked and weighed over our calibrated weighbridge.

Contract Farming


This is where you are in charge. We provide the machinery and any expertise you may want so that we can farm your land your way.

Our 60 strong in-house team can offer not just farming and machinery expertise, but also engineering, electronics, security, accounting and more.

Whether you want to grow for food, fuel or forests we can tailor our package to meet your needs.

FBT (Farm Business Tenancy)


This is where you can leave it to us. We’ll take the hassle away from the daily issues that can come with owning land and operating machinery. 

You have the benefit of owning the land for either pleasure or business without any of the operational worries. With our team, we can look after the management of your land and estate as you wish.

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For inquiries contact:

Edward Du Val
07768 323 000

Izzie Lawrence
Contracts & Farms Manger
07442 626 085