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We form valued long-term partnerships with local farmers

Apsley Farms has formed successful long-term farming partnerships with local farms in Hampshire. Here’s 5 reasons why!

  1. No transport coast back to the grain stores
  2. Guaranteed prices. Prices are agreed before harvest, removing market volatility
  3. No drying costs
  4. No foraging costs. Apsley Farms will forage and bag all crops
  5. Combine capacity – relief from pinch point harvest pressures with extended cropping window
Five reasons to partner with Apsley Farms

How our Partnerships work with you

Our partnerships have been successful for many years in and around Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire. As such, we have a large number of partners who have grown with us for many years. We value our farmer partners and work with them on all aspects of both their and our business.

Option 1: Contract to grow a standing crop

This either maize, rye, barley or oats. The contract is based on an area, not tonnage, with us taking all tonnage off the contracted area. This means that there are no risks for the farmer in a bad year of any shortfall charges. We support the farmer to grow the best possible crop so any extra tonnage for high yields benefits. We then bring our team to forage and complete the harvest. Crops are stored onsite in Ag-bags. Payment is divided over the following 10 months.

Option 2: Contract Farming

This is where you are in charge, but we’ll provide all the machinery and any expertise you may require so that we can farm the land your way. Contract farming is a close partnership of trust where we work with the farmer to manage the land in most beneficial way for both parties.

We will do all the work from preparing the land until the whole crop is safely harvested and at our plant. Whether you want to grow for food or fuel, we’ll give you more routes to market.

Option 3: FBT (Farm Business Tenancy)

This is where you can leave it to us. We’ll take the hassle away from the daily issues that can come with owning land and operating machinery. You have the benefit of owning the land for either pleasure or business without any of the operational worries.With our team, we can look after the management of your land and estate as you wish.

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Sustainability and efficiency are at the heart of everything we do at Apsley Farms

We’ve adopted cutting edge technologies to convert low-value crops into renewable energy. We’ve focused on a circular economy by returning the nutrients in our digestate products back into the land as a fertiliser.
Our process of generating green gas and other important by-products ticks three important boxes: it displaces natural gas (fossil fuel) in the gas grid to heat people’s homes; in addition it displaces CO2 made by the fertiliser industry which is essential in the food industry; and also generates natural fertiliser in the process!

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