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The production of CO2 as a by-product

A sustainable by-product of renewable green energy

Apsley Farms are producers of sustainable Co2 as a by-product of the biogas plant

Apsley Farms is the UK’s third largest biomethane (renewable natural gas) plant, and we have been supplying renewable natural gas to the UK gas grid since 2014. The gas is manufactured in our on-site biodigester facility, which breaks down plant material obtained from our own and neighbouring farms.

We supply food-grade certified carbon dioxide to the food industry

The Apsley Farms biogas plant has generated over 50,000 tonnes of CO2 in the last 8 years. Instead of releasing the natural product of anaerobic respiration directly to the atmosphere we put it to work for the food industry. This carbon dioxide by-product is sustainable, high-quality and certified food-grade so suitable for food and beverage industries. We operate our own fleet of tankers to deliver bulk orders of our liquid CO2 production to a range of businesses, for example cheese manufacturers, breweries and bakeries.

We additionally have testing facilities onsite for CO2 certification of analysis.

In addition to providing bulk supplies of liquid carbon dioxide, the Farm has now invested in the Uni Sensor Carboscan system, a state-of-the-art automated laboratory. The System allows for the provision of CO2 testing services onsite at the Farm, 24/7. Call us now on 01264 554 455 for more information or to book an appointment.

CO2 for food and beverage industry
Apsley Farms has a fleet of tankers to deliver food grade liquid CO2 to a range of food and beverage industries

Apsley Farms has many years expertise in CO2 bulk supplies
Filling the tanker at Apsley Farms with bulk liquid Co2 for the food industry
Sustainability and efficiency are at the heart of everything we do at Apsley Farms

We’ve adopted cutting edge technologies to convert low-value crops into renewable energy. We’ve focused on a circular economy by returning the nutrients in our digestate products back into the land as a fertiliser.
Our process of generating green gas and other important by-products ticks three important boxes: it displaces natural gas (fossil fuel) in the gas grid to heat people’s homes; in addition it displaces CO2 made by the fertiliser industry which is essential in the food industry; and also generates natural fertiliser in the process!