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What is sustainable landscaping?

Sustainable landscaping is the practice of designing, constructing and maintaining landscapes to conserve resources and reduce environmental harm. It goes beyond aesthetics, emphasising functionality and environmental health.

In 2023, there was an intensified effort to incorporate sustainability into the heart of garden design, fostering environmentally-friendly spaces.

For house builders, landscape architects and garden landscapers the focus should be on natural aesthetics and the introduction of native plants. Using sustainable eco-friendly materials helps preserve natural resources, reduce waste, and minimise the carbon footprint of landscaping projects. It is crucial to eliminate the need for chemical treatments like synthetic fertilisers. This can go a long way to boost biodiversity in the garden while reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.

Sustainable landscaping practices often result in more resilient green spaces. A resilence to withstand extreme weather events, diseases and pests. This can be particularly important in the face of changing climate conditions.

Introducing sustainable soft landscaping products like Apsley Farms’ organically certified mulch is a choice that has both environmental and practical benefits.

Benefits of using peat-free mulch in garden landscaping projects:

  • Improved Soil Health: Peat-free mulch contain organic matter that is rich in NPK nutrients. This can enhance soil structure, improve water infiltration and boost microbial activity. Healthy soil supports robust plant growth and reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers.
  • Water Conservation: Mulching can aid in moisture retention, reducing the need for frequent watering and thereby conserving water resources.
  • Protects and insulates the soil from extreme weather conditions of frosts and heatwaves.
  • Reduce carbon emissions. The use of peat free products like Apsley Farms’ mulch will help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming. Not using peat prevents the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Environmental Conservation: Using peat-free mulch preserves peat bogs, helping to maintain these important carbon sinks and protect the biodiversity they support.

Apsly Farms’ soil improving mulch is available to buy in bulk bag quantities or loose loads. Contact us now to discuss your next landscaping project on 01264 554433

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