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CO2 from renewable energy

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Apsley Farms supplies high-grade, sustainably produced carbon dioxide that is indispensably used within the UK food industry. We currently accommodate bulk orders of between 1 and 20 tonnes using our in-house tankers.

Bulk CO2 is obtained as a sustainable by-product of the Apsley Farms biomethane production plant.

CO2 is used in a range of industries, read more here

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Book CO2 testing services

The Farm has now invested in the Uni Sensor Carboscan system, a state-of-the-art automated laboratory. This System allows for the provision of CO2 testing services onsite at the Farm, 24/7.

We offer CO2 testing services to any commercial operation.

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The process of sustainable CO2

Apsley Farms recovers the CO2 produced in its fermentation for use within the food industry. We provide a sustainable alternative to traditional means of manufacturing this important product.

Our CO2 is sustainable, high quality and eted to food-grade standard. All of the CO2 we supply is recovered from our biodigester. Rather than releasing this natural product of anaerobic respiration directly to the atmosphere, we put it to work for the food industry.

Read more about how we recover CO2 here

Read more about our sustainable practices and carbon footprint here

Reducing CO2 emissions

Our operations at Apsley Farms supplies the UK with biomethane, electricity, CO2, soil improvers and liquid fertilisers. Our methods allow all these products to be produced with a much lower carbon footprint than traditional means.




ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management System

The production, supply, transportation and delivery of carbon dioxide liquid.


ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System

The production, supply, transportation and delivery of carbon dioxide liquid.

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