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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Here are the key points about SAF:

1.Source Materials: SAF can be produced from various renewable resources such as waste oils from biological origin, agricultural residues, or even from carbon dioxide and water through a process powered by renewable electricity.

2.Reduction in Carbon Emissions: One of the primary advantages of SAF is its potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional jet fuel. The lifecycle carbon emissions can be up to 80% lower.

3.Compatibility with Existing Aircraft: SAF is designed to be mixed with conventional jet fuel and can be used in existing aircraft engines without any modifications. This “drop-in” feature makes it a practical choice for reducing emissions from the aviation sector.

4.Certification and Standards: For a fuel to be classified as SAF, it must meet the sustainability criteria and the technical specifications set by international standards such as ASTM International.

5.Challenges and Development: While SAF presents a promising route to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint, challenges remain in terms of production capacity, feedstock availability, and cost. Increased investment and supportive policies are needed to scale up production and make SAF a viable option for widespread use in the aviation industry.

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