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How to prepare your garden this Winter

Preparing your garden for Winter is essential to ensure a successful start to the next growing season. Here’s 8 top tips to help you get your garden or allotment ready for the colder months!

  1. Clean up: Remove any dead plants, weeds and debris.This will prevent pests and diseases from overwintering in your garden.
  2. Harvest remaining crops: Harvest any remaining crops that are still edible. You can store some vegetables, like carrots and potatoes, in a cool, dark place for later use.
  3. Spread mulch: Apply a thick layer of our marvelous mulch to your flowerbed and vegetable beds. This helps retain moisture, regulate soil temperature and suppress weed growth, as well as deter slugs and snails. Mulch will also add much-needed nutrients back into the soil after the growing season.
  4. Protect plants: Protection with a layer of mulch at the base of plants will help insulate the soil and prevent plant roots from being exposed, especially in heavy rains. Rainfall can lead to soil erosion and run-off.
  5. Cover plants: For more delicate or potted plants, move them to a sheltered area, like a garage or greenhouse, or use frost blankets or cloths to protect them from cold and frost.
  6. Plan for Spring: Take some time to plan for the upcoming growing season. Research new crops to grow, order seeds and create a planting schedule. You can also make any necessary repairs or improvements to your allotment infrastructure, such as raised beds or fencing.
  7. Organise tools and supplies: Inventory your gardening supplies, including seeds, fertilizers, and tools. Clean and properly store your gardening tools for the winter to prevent rust and damage. If you have potted plants, empty the containers and store them indoors or in a sheltered area to prevent cracking from freezing temperatures. Clean the pots to remove any residual soil and debris.
  8. Watering: Properly hydrate your plants before winter. Make sure they go into the dormant season well-hydrated, but avoid overwatering as excess moisture can lead to root rot in cold weather. Make a list of what you need to purchase before the next growing season or any tools to be maintained.

Proper winter preparation will help ensure a productive and healthy garden in the Spring!

About Apsley Farms

Sustainability and efficiency is at the heart of everything we do at Apsley Farms. We’ve adopted cutting edge technologies and turned low value crops into renewable energy. We focus on a circular economy by returning the nutrients in our digestate products back to the land as a fertiliser.
Our process of generating green gas and other important by-products ticks three important boxes: it displaces natural gas (fossil fuel) in the gas grid to heat people’s homes; it displaces CO2 made by the fertiliser industry, which is essential in the food industry; and it simultaneously generates natural fertiliser in the process!

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