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A brand new look for our CO2 tankers!

Apsley Farms operates a fleet of CO2 tankers to provide businesses with regular deliveries of high quality, food-grade bulk CO2. The tankers travel the length and breadth of country delivering to a range of businesses including the food and drinks industry.

Apsley Farms delivering bulk CO2 supplies to a food wholesaler in Wales

Apsley Farms in Hampshire is a supplier of carbon dioxide that is indispensably used within the food and drinks industry, which include breweries and bakeries. CO2 is used for a wide range of uses, from putting the fizz in your drinks to keeping your food fresh.

Our CO2 is sustainably produced as a by-product of the renewable energy production at the biogas plant at Apsley Farms. Every step in its production is grounded in sustainable and efficient practices at the Farm, as part of their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

This includes the use of advanced farming techniques to reduce tillage, which in turn reduces the release of CO2 release during the growing of crops for our biodigesters. The storage and transport of crops are optimised for maximum efficiency, again lowering the carbon footprint of the raw materials.

Apsley Farms also offers onsite testing facilities of CO2 using UniSensor Carboscan, a state of the art testing laboratory.

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Watch our video below of one of our tankers arriving back to the Farm!