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National Convenience Show, 24th to the 26th April 2023

The sales team geared up to showcase the new range of natural, sustainable plant food!

The Apsley Farms team had a great time this week at the National Convenience Show with the launch of our natural plant food range 🌱There was lots of interest in our arable Farm, our sustainable farming practices and the anaerobic digestion process.

Our sustainable plant food range has expanded with three new varieties
Apsley Farms’ natural plant food range is a product of green energy production and approved by the Soil Association, so suitable for all the organic gardeners out there. With varieties suitable for flowers, fruit and vegetables as well as leafy houseplants.
This is not just your average NPK liquid fertiliser. By the time it reaches you our plant food has already helped to heat thousands of houses with green gas instead of fossil fuels. Our containers are fully recycled and recyclable too, of course. So, every drop of our plant food is doing good for your garden and the planet too!

Click here to see the full range of Natural Plant Food.

Glee Festival in June 2023

Visit Apsley Farms in Hall 8-20, Stand 7G71. Find out more about GLEE here

Sustainability is at the heart of Apsley Farms
About Apsley Farms
Producing green energy since 2012
We are a family-run arable farm and contractor, producing crops for our Biogas plant, generating enough energy to heat 8,500 houses all year round.

Producer of organic certified garden products
Soil improving mulch, top dressing and liquid fertilisers that are produced on-site as a by-product and derived from rye, barley, grass and maize crops. Visit our Shop

Sustainable farming
Over the years, the Apsley team has built up considerable experience in modern and innovative farming practices, as well as forming partnerships with other farms and the wider farming community. Read more about Apsley Farms’ sustainable farming methods here

Supplier of CO2 Gas
Apsley Farms produces food-grade carbon dioxide as a by-product of the biogas plant. We also have CO2 testing facilities onsite. Find out more here

For more information visit or phone 01264 554455