About Apsley Farms

Family-run farming and energy production

Apsley Farms is a family-run farming and energy production business in the south of England.  Since 1991, the Farm has been run by the du Val de Beaulieu family. Henry du Val de Beaulieu is currently senior Director, with his son Edward as Operations Manager.

Aerial mosaic of the Apsley Farms Estate
Aerial mosaic of the Apsley Estate taken in the autumn of 1991. Andover is a couple of miles to the left. The historic village of Hurstbourne Priors can be seen to the bottom right.

The Apsley Farms estate is a 1150-acre (465 Ha) site in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. The estate is a couple of miles north-east of Andover, and borders the Bourne river. The farm is well-placed to serve customers throughout the south of England.

About 900 acres (364 Ha) of the site is arable land, mainly given over to rye, barley and maize crops. The site also houses some of the UK’s most advanced facilities for producing biogas, sustainable electricity, food-grade carbon dioxide (co2) and renewable soil improvers. The biogas plant includes:

  • Biodigester 1
  • Biodigester 2
  • Lagoon LS3
  • Two CHPs (combined heat and power engines)
  • Biogas cleaner
  • CO2 recovery and cleaning system
  • Laboratory and monitoring facilities

The Apsley Estate also contains the Faulkners Down Farm, with its farm buildings, offices and workshops.

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