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Edenhall 25 Ton Beet Chaser

Edenhall E25 beet chaser built in 2004 and available for sale; purchased second hand for our own use in 2014; due to changes in cropping strategy this chaser is no longer required.

The chaser was used most effectively to increase the transportation efficiency of sugar beet from the beet harvester, working in the field to the road haulage trailers and Lorries.  This is the E25 chaser’s main benefit but one added major benefit is to ensure the haulage vehicles do not cause soil compaction if unloading from the harvester, also maintaining clean wheels therefore not bringing mud onto the roads. Also not adding more pressure on the harvester unloading conveyor by using it more horizontally, this works really well when leaving the Chaser to load into Tippers and Walking floor lorries which have taller sides than a tractor trailer rig and with its design it doesn’t have lots of beet piled up on its conveyor making the star wheel section work well at cleaning excess mud off.

General specification

  • 25 ton sugar beet tank
  • Tri axles with hydraulic brakes
  • Rear steering axle
  • High speed unloading of tank
  • Adjustable elevator height
  • Flexibility to work with a variety of sugar beet harvesters
  • Joy stick controller
  • Integral PTO driven hydraulic pumps – hydraulic functions controlled from joy stick controller

Additional information

  • Removable beet body which can accept other types of bodies onto the chassis. Information on this can be obtained from Metsjo the manufacture where you will find a full range of interchangeable bodies.
  • E25 chaser chassis type details; METAQ075
  • Serial No. 3906
  • Date of manufacture 2004
  • Manufacture website;

Please contact us for further details and the best Selling price.