Business Model

The current Apsley Farms business is far removed from the one we operated 30 years ago.

Rethinking farming, from the ground up

In the early 1990s, the du Val de Beaulieu family ran the Apsley Estate as a traditional arable farm, growing crops of wheat, barley and oil seed rape in a managed crop rotation.

Nothing in farming stands still, and the shifting economic environment meant making changes. In particular, steadily declining margins forced us to innovate and rethink.

The changing farming climate has resulted in us making five major changes to our business:

Farming for energy

The biggest single change we’ve made is to grow crops in an environmentally conscious way for energy, rather than food. Since 2012, we’ve been supplying the nation with sustainable green Bio Gas and electricity.

Investing in sustainability

By investing heavily in technology and Successful Practices we not only supply the national grid with green energy, but also power most of our own farming operations. In the long run, this has radically reduced our running costs.

Creating new revenue streams

Our Bio Digesters during the production of Bio Gas produce quality and nutritious by products in the form of soil enrichers, these are a liquid and solid. The sale of these products to farmers and direct to the consumer market has also contributed towards the sustainable future.

Growing in-house expertise

Farming can be hard as a one man band, being in a remote location with a breakdown working out how you can fix it as cheaply as possible. Our team has expanded over the years on the back of our factory to provide expertise in a number of areas. This means we can provide support to other departments within our business. Electrical, Civil, Design, Haulage, Accounting, Laboratory, Software and Mechanical Maintenance.

Working with partner farms

We provide many services to other farming business’ and land owners.

From purchasing standing crops on contract to managing or renting land on behalf of others. We can tailor our services to your aspirations. Food or Fuel we have the ability to be able to maintain a profitable return.

Facing the future

Successful Practices

The family faced the challenge of changing the farming business operation to ensure sustainability for the future.

Like all challenging situations a clean and fresh approach was needed. This meant that we had to start with a blank canvas for our future business and nothing was ruled out in our thinking.

We considered all levels of advice, included the complete remodelling of our business with the overall objective to maintain a sustainable and successful business for the future.

Facing the future – together?

Surviving as a family business has meant many changes so far — and we’re not done yet. There’s no doubt that the Apsley Farm’s business will continue to evolve.

We are always open to discussions on future directions and partnerships for Apsley Farms. For example, subject to demand, we might develop a full farm contracting service, offering complete estate management. This could be an attractive option for farm owners looking to retire or significantly reduce their working hours. Contact us if you would like to chat about possibilities.